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The highlight of Google’s Daydream VR headset is the controller

Posted on November 11, 2016  in New Gadget

Google’s Daydream View is a sit-down experience in which you use the controller to move yourself around. (Source: Reuters)
By Anick Jesdanun/Associated Press
The best thing about Google’s new virtual-reality headset isn’t the headset at all. In fact, Daydream View would pale compared with Samsung’s Gear VR headset were it not for Daydream’s controller, a handheld device that responds to gestures and other motion.  With Gear VR, I have to move my head to point a cursor at something, then reach for a button on the headset. With Daydream, I can just aim and click the controller in my hand. Sensors in the device tell the headset what I’m trying to do, whether it’s swinging a tennis racket or casting a fishing rod. The headset’s display responds accordingly.

The headset and controller are sold together for $79, starting Thursday. No…


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