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Bingo G-200 VR Glass with 5000 mAh battery launched in India

Posted on November 10, 2016  in New Gadget

Bingo G-200 VR Glass is powered by an ARM Cortex A7 CPU that is paired with 1GB RAM and 8 GB ROM
Bingo has announced the launch of its new VR Glasses – Bingo G-200. Bingo G-200 VR Glass is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and has a built in screen. The glasses run on Nibiru operating system featuring Android 5.1 Lollipop. The concave-convex lenses of the VR glasses allows users a 100 degree view in 1280 x 720 pixels HD resolution.

Bingo says that there is very low light leakage with the VR glasses, and makes for a comfortable experience during extended viewing sessions. Bingo G-200 VR Glass weighs at 459 gms and comes with an adjustable head strap. Bingo claims that the VR glasses are for ‘movie buffs’ and ‘gamers’ who cab control and play games in 3D by moving, tilting their heads.
Bingo G-200 comes with leather and foam cushioning, for comfort…


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